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Taking good care of Cramo People drives customer satisfaction

Competent and committed Cramo People inspired by the Cramo Story are key to a high level of customer satisfaction. This is why Cramo always strives to offer all employees attractive working conditions as well as professional and personal development opportunities. 

Implementation of the Cramo Story continued to be one of the main internal development efforts throughout the year. The Cramo Story, an extensive programme to deliver on our strategy, involves everybody throughout the organisation.

Internal training was carried out in various ways in all countries. The implementation was further supported by an e-learning tool available in all Cramo languages. The teams of Cramo Story ambassadors also continued their work to support the rollout of this customer-focused way of working. The very positive feedback from our customers fuelled employee enthusiasm.

Competence development fosters commitment

Cramo Development is our common framework for employee onboarding, training and skills development. It is a way to systematically encourage the professional and personal development of our employees throughout their career. The skills and competences needed for each position are defined within the Cramo Development framework.

The Cramo School Portal is a Group-wide e-learning tool available to all Cramo People in their own language. The training modules are continuously developed and adapted to meet changing customer demands and local needs. Management-level training is offered within the scope of Cramo Academy.

Cramo Dialogue ensures that every employee has a common annual performance review in order to establish personal development plans and goals. Special attention is given to value-based behaviour and business ethics.

A Group-level employee survey is carried out in all operating countries, helping us to make Cramo an even better place to work.

In 2015 the decision was made to continue the One Cramo Share Plan established in 2012 with the launch of a new plan period, 2015-2016. A total of 654 employees have become shareholders in Cramo through the programme since its launch.

Taking good care of our employees

We aim to offer a safe workplace to all our employees and have a target of zero accidents. We work systematically with preventive measures and have an extensive range of safety training courses available to our personnel.

A non-discriminatory corporate culture based on responsibility and skills is an important factor in Cramo’s positive development. Women and men of different ages, backgrounds and experiences are given the same development opportunities in our company.

Cramo also encourages its employees to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, for example, by supporting different sports activities.

A non-discriminatory corporate culture is an important factor in Cramo’s positive development.”
Average number of employees

2015 (2014)

key figures




Average number of employees (FTE)




Number of employees at end of period (FTE) 2,473 2,473 0.0
Total number of employees 2,548 2,556 -0.3

permanently employed

2,468 2,479 -0.4

temporarily employed

80 77 3.9


340 353 -3.7


2,208 2,203 0.2
Personnel expenses/employee (EUR 1,000) 57.9 54.8 5.6
Personnel expenses/sales, % 21.5 21.3 1.4
Sick leave days/FTE 9.6 9.2 4.5

Number of work-related accidents* 





















Czech Republic/Slovakia


*   Accidents causing at least one day of absence from work

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Early support model at Cramo

Cramo Finland’s early support model is part of a management by objectives process to support employee well-being, commitment, success and professional growth at work. The model is based on the idea that a motivated, healthy employee performs well. The model can also be helpful in preventing absences arising from illness.

In our work community, responsibility for job performance and well-being at work belongs to every Cramo employee. All employees are responsible for their role as a member of Cramo. This includes maintaining their professional skills and personal accountability for their behaviour in the work community.

However, the presence of a supervisor in the daily work routine is important. The role of supervisor is to show interest in their team members and to support and encourage them. They also give feedback, acknowledge a job well done and show respect towards their team members.

A supervisor needs to know how to listen, discuss and give constructive feedback. The early support model means that there are tools available for finding a solution at an early stage – before a potential problem becomes a real one.

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Cramo Norway on the move

All employees at Cramo Norway were invited to join a campaign to promote employee health called Cramo Aktiv, arranged by Cramo Aktiv is aimed at all personnel, no matter what their background in sports or physical activity is. The Cramo participants formed teams that worked towards a common goal. The goal was set at 8,000 steps a day.

During February–March 2015, the first campaign activity took place, with 158 Cramo employees participating. The activity involved counting steps as well as converting all types of sports activities into steps, such as swimming, cycling and skiing. The total steps taken would have moved participants all the way through Norway, from Kirkenes in the north to Lillehammer in the south, a straight-line distance of 1,307 kilometers.

The core purpose of the campaign was to motivate employees to be more conscious of their daily activity, diet and training as well as promote team-building. The Cramo Aktiv campaign is considered to be motivating and enjoyable, yet simple and effective. The second Cramo Aktiv campaign will take place in early 2016.

On a larger scale, the campaign supports Cramo’s Quality, Safety and Environment roadmap, which includes targets for employee health and well-being.