making life easier

working hard every day to make our stakeholders' lives easier

Our purpose is to contribute to our customers’ success by making their lives easier. To make this happen, we strive to be better every day. We do that by delivering the Cramo Story, which is directly linked to our strategy and our vision – to be the role model for all rental.

The Cramo Story is about our corporate culture of always putting the customer first. Our customer promise – For a great day at work – means that our deliveries are always on time, they are always complete and everything functions as it should. If we fail to live up to our standards, we will compensate our customers. We also want customers to feel that we really listen to them and understand them.

The Cramo Story, with its strong customer focus, has already proved to have a very positive impact on Cramo’s customers and employees, as is also described in this report.

However, we realise that putting the customer first requires a commitment to all our other stakeholders. That is why we strive to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders throughout the value chain – and to make life easier for them. We take good care of our employees, our highly motivated and professional Cramo People.  We also work closely with our partners and base our business relations with them on strong ethical standards. We are committed to corporate responsibility and believe that our responsible way of working benefits all our stakeholders.