making life easier

Always putting customers first

In the competitive rental market, it is crucial that we have a unique, strong brand and a customer-focused corporate culture that distinguishes us from the competition. We also need to prove our passion to exceed customers’ expectations every day. We communicate and deliver this through the Cramo Story.

A strong brand strengthens our market position as well as our ranking as the first choice for customers and, in turn, drives our sales, enabling us to capture the growth potential of the European rental market.

The Cramo Story is about how our corporate culture always puts the customer first. This requires us to have a solid understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations as well as the capability to prevent and solve their problems.

Contributing to our customers’ success

In order for our customers to be successful, our deliveries must be on time; they need to be complete, and everything must function the way it is supposed to.

We address these needs and expectations laid out in the Cramo Story by delivering on our customer promise – For a great day at work – and through the three concrete proofs of that promise: delivery precision, fast problem solving and always being available to listen to our customers. And we go a step further: we promise to compensate our customers if we fail to deliver on time or if there is a malfunction in any equipment we delivered. An ombudsman is available to our customers in every Cramo country in the event they are dissatisfied.

During the year there were several cases when we compensated a customer; this led to very positive feedback from them.

Always eager to improve

Implementation of the Cramo Story continued to be one of the main internal development efforts throughout the year. The teams of Cramo Story ambassadors also continued their work to support the rollout of this customer-focused way of working in all Cramo countries.

To make our customers’ lives easier


Every Cramo country has its own ombudsman. The ombudsman is a neutral authority who is willing and able to resolve any causes of dissatisfaction. Their job is to make our customers happy and help us to improve.


We understand your needs and timetables so well that every delay is too much. One minute late or one hose short, we’ll take responsibility – just to keep our service standards at least as high as your expectations.


High quality equipment is the very core of our business. When equipment needs to be fixed or replaced, we’ll do it faster than you could imagine.

customer case

Cramo’s way of working makes customers feel good

Our customer Ruukki Lietuva UAB in Klaipeda, Lithuania, ordered a Genie telescopic lift to its construction site. Because of some transport problems, we delivered the equipment one hour later than had been agreed. After delivering the lift, Mr Ailandas Diržininkas, Cramo’s Sales Manager, told the customer, Mr Stasys Narkus, Construction Manager, about the Cramo Story and that he would be compensated for the delay.

“In the past two years, Cramo has become one of the main rental companies we work with. Cramo’s equipment is up-to-date and their deliveries to the site are fast – as are replacements and repairs when they are needed,” says Mr Narkus.

“I am proud of the quality of our services and our customer-focused way of working. It is crucial to always be honest with customers and stick to what has been agreed. But if we fail, it feels good to be able to compensate the customer”, says Mr Diržininkas, Cramo Lithuania.

“In this case, the lost hour did not cause too much trouble. During that hour, I received a few phone calls from Cramo and was kept updated on the situation. That is what I appreciate most. Afterwards, I was issued a credit invoice for the delay. The way Cramo handled the case felt good, and since then our co-operation has even expanded.”

Mr Stasys Narkus, Construction Manager
Ruukki Lietuva UAB, Lithuania

Customer case


Our customer Mr Oliver Haschke, Managing Director of Haschkebau, needed a Yanmar Vio 33 excavator for work on the channel connection at his multifamily house in Nuremberg, Germany. There was a half-hour delay in delivering the excavator; fortunately, the delay did not lead to any substantial losses for the construction project.

Mr Haschke had not made a formal complaint, so he was surprised when he received a phone call from Mr Thomas März from Cramo explaining that he would be compensated for the delay.

When asked how he views Cramo after this experience, Mr Haschke acknowledges the pleasant experience he had as a rental customer and says that Cramo’s customer promise – For a great day at work – is an incentive to use Cramo’s rental services. He considers our promise as well as our three proofs of promise to be excellent and good brand-building for Cramo.

Mr Thomas März, Sales Representative of Cramo Germany, says, “I think it is great that we can compensate our customers when our delivery promise is not completely fulfilled. And even better is the ‘wow’ effect that our customers experience when they least expect it. Needless to say, we will pay attention to ensuring timely deliveries in the future. It is all about credibility.”


“Cramo’s customer promise – For a great day at work – is an incentive to use Cramo’s rental services and a promise of a pleasant customer experience.”

Mr Oliver Haschke, Managing Director
Haschkebau, Germany

customer case

Customer service based on deeds, not just words

Bröderna Bergströms Byggnads AB, founded in 1967, is a Swedish construction company that specialises in renovating valuable historical buildings, like churches, castles and old timber buildings, as well as masonry.

Cramo agreed to an early morning delivery of a hot water pressure washer to one of Bröderna Bergströms’ facade renovation sites. Something went wrong, however, and the washer was not delivered until later in the morning.

Cramo’s Service Technician Marcus Ynner phoned Managing Director August Bergström, told him what had happened and apologised for the delayed delivery. He also said that Bröderna Bergströms would be compensated for the inconvenience.

“I was really surprised and happy about the compensation. I had never heard of anything like that happening before – and I have been in business for a long time. I think it is a great way for Cramo to show that it really works hard to serve its customers in the best way,” says August Bergström.

His company has been doing business with Cramo for 30 years – and the collaboration will continue in the future as well.