making life easier

must-win battles drive profitability AND growth

Our must-win battles, together with our other strategic initiatives, have brought us close to our financial targets. The execution of these must-win battles has strengthened our sales and our productivity, and has led to enhanced profitability. Cramo’s harmonised concepts and systems form a solid foundation for these must-win battles and strategic initiatives.


Deliver Cramo Story


  • Differentiate us from our competitors by delivering the Cramo Story
  • Contribute to customers’ success by following through on our proofs of promise
  • Passion to meet customers’ expectations
  • Strengthen the Cramo brand and drive sales
  • Continuous improvement, ability to measure results


Drive Cramo Performance Management

  • Drive the implementation of performance management in all key operations
  • Share best practices, promote entrepreneurial mindset and continuous learning
  • Support decision-making through increased KPI visibility
  • Drive sales and strengthen cost management
  • Enhance profit awareness and follow-up through management systematics


Win Central European market

  • Complete the transformation programme, simplify the district structure and implement stringent performance management actions
  • Establish position as a total solution provider with a strong focus on customers
  • Strengthen Cramo’s position in growing modular space market


Strategic Initiatives

1. Modular space growth strategy

Cramo is prepared to capture both the organic and the inorganic growth opportunities that the European modular space business provides.  Read more

  • Materialise the modular space growth strategy, continuously seek acquisition targets and enhance organic growth in current markets
  • Strengthen focus on accommodation solutions, especially in emerging markets
  • Meet the increasingly stringent regulations and customer requirements

2. Dynamic pricing

Cramo utilises the “Right Price” pricing tool in its main markets. By ensuring that customers always get the right pricing for rental equipment, one that is transparent and easy to understand, Cramo makes their lives easier on this front as well.

  • Dynamic pricing model roll-out in the Nordic countries

3. Mergers and acquisitions

Cramo is an active player in the consolidation of the European equipment and modular space markets. As a result, Cramo continuously evaluates potential target companies.