shape and share

Sharing a solid foundation for the future

The world around us is changing faster than ever, forcing all industries to face not just new kinds of challenges but also opportunities driven by global megatrends. Many companies are having to change their whole business logic in order to survive.

The megatrends with the greatest impact on the operating environment for the equipment and modular space rental business are closely related to demographic changes, urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity as well as digitalisation. Cramo’s business model is based on the responsible sharing of sustainable solutions and other resources. We see this as enabling us to respond to some of the biggest global challenges – together with our customers and other stakeholders. We have much to gain and to give in the sharing economy era.

We strongly believe that a unique, strong brand and a highly customer-focused corporate culture, combined with resource-efficient and safe solutions, will continue to be important success factors for us in the future. These are also central elements in our strategy and, together with our strong market position, enabled us to capture the growth potential of the European equipment and modular space rental markets in 2016. With our solid foundation, we can explore the emerging opportunities in a changing world – and share that potential with all our stakeholders.