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Modular space – Solutions for a variety of space needs 

The determined execution of our growth-oriented modular space strategy, supported by the positive market trend and growth drivers, made the year a successful one for Cramo Adapteo. With our enhanced resources, we are well-positioned to continue capturing the potential of the large German market.

Cramo Adapteo, Cramo’s sub-brand since early 2014, encompasses the company’s high-quality modular space operations. The demand for flexible, temporary space solutions grew during the year, especially due to migration and demographic changes in our main markets. We were very successful in capturing market potential, and our sales growth was strong.

Approximately two-thirds of the modular space business consists of modular space rentals and about one third consists of rental-related services, like modular space assembly and disassembly. Several new modular space solution deliveries took place during the year, which increased assembly service sales in particular.

The modular space business provides both the organic and inorganic growth opportunities included in our growth strategy. Our target position is to be a major international player in our field in the Nordic and Central European markets. In the Nordic countries, we are the leading player in the field and aim for strong, faster-than-market organic growth. Central Europe, and especially the significant German market, is a key inorganic growth market for us. We are constantly seeking synergistic acquisition targets and keeping our eyes open to expansion into brand new markets.


Energy-efficient, high-standard solutions

We offer flexible solutions for a wide array of temporary space needs for both the public and private sector. Our offering consists of harmonised solutions for cost-effective, functional and environmentally sound modular space for temporary, site-specific space needs. We operate in four segments: schools, daycares, office space and accommodation. We see accommodation as a fast-growing area and will focus on it even more strongly in the future. Today, we have created accommodation solutions, for example, for use as refugee, elderly and student residents.  

We work proactively to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and to drive development beyond that. Our energy-efficient solutions have been designed for Nordic conditions and deliver a user experience comparable to that of permanent buildings. 



return on capital employed, % (2013–2016)

Cramo Story adapted to serve modular space customers

Cramo Adapteo addresses the specific needs and expectations of its customers by delivering on its customer promise – Room for great days – and through its three proofs of promise.

Boksi slush

Cramo Adapteo showed its Smartblock work spaces at Slush 2016. 

room for great days


Always responsive

We are always present and available to our customers. If a customer is unhappy with us and the usual ways of communication do not function, we offer the possibility of contacting a neutral ombudsman, who is willing to listen and able to act.


A perfect delivery

For modular space, this is about the total delivery experience – from first contact with marketing or sales to handing over the keys and moving in. 


Uptime is key

Our solutions are operational from day one. If functionality is lost, we 
do our utmost to get the modules up and running within 4 hours, whether it involves a 
repair on site or replacement of a unit. Whatever the cause, we resolve it and compensate the customer. 


functionality and energy Efficiency

For a two-year renovation period, the operations of Merianschule primary school and daycare in Frankfurt have been moved to a temporary building delivered by Cramo Adapteo.

The modular space solution has exceeded all the expectations of the head of the school.

“We are very happy with the quality of the modular space school building. In fact, it is much better than our permanent school,” says Ms Brigitte Schulz, Head of Merianschule.

The school building has an area of 3,510 m² and consists of 234 modular space units. The three-storey building has been divided into several sections with different features based on the needs of children in the different age groups and with different special needs. Furthermore, classrooms are equipped, for example, with acoustic panels to ensure a quieter space.  

Cramo Adapteo’s solution with infra-red heating panels is very energy-efficient and exceeds the customer’s requirements. The solution uses infra-red technology to heat solid objects directly, in contrast to electric heaters, which need air to transfer heat. The radiated objects store heat and give off an even warmth.

“Collaboration with Cramo Adapteo has been excellent. We especially appreciate their reliability and open communication. All our requests for modifications or changes were implemented quickly and in good cooperation with other parties involved in the building project,” concludes Ms Schulz.


Attractive, modular workspace and showroom for E.ON 

The utility company E.ON Värme required modular office space for an additional 50 people when it moved one of its offices from Öresundsverket in the north harbour of Malmö to Heleneholmsverket in the city centre.

“We wanted a very attractive office with a landscape style and plenty of space for meetings and inspiration,” says Project Manager Johan Fors on behalf of E.ON Värme Sverige.

That was the starting point for Cramo Adapteo in designing the 3-storey modular building. E.ON was very clear that this addition to the existing buildings had to meet high standards with respect to fire safety, energy efficiency and security.

The project had a couple of additional challenges, such as a lack of ground space and the need to dock the modular building with the existing one. However, thanks to the close cooperation between E.ON and Cramo Adapteo, the actual assembly of the 51 modules took less than three weeks.

“For this type of high-end solution, our energy-efficient and sustainable modules are perfect,” says Adapteo Project Developer Zeljko Orlandic.


I really appreciated the open, transparent working process we had – it was very easy to cooperate and move forward.