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Creating added value through stakeholder engagement

Our stakeholders have a major impact on our business, and their engagement is crucial for our success. To ensure their long-term engagement, Cramo works continuously with different stakeholders to encourage the mutual sharing of insights, experiences and expectations. High ethical standards and transparency are important for all stakeholders. 


  • issues included in Cramo’s customer
    For a great day at work, Room for great days and the proofs
    of promise supporting these
  • health and safety
  • business ethics
  • resource efficiency
  • responsible suppliers
  • strong brand
  • the Cramo Story
  • ombudsman
  • safety and other training programmes
  • co-development projects related to resource efficiency trade fairs
  • customer satisfaction survey
  • depots and e-commerce solution
  • customer magazines
  • websites and social media
  • employee satisfaction
  • health and safety
  • diversity and equality
  • skills development
  • development plans and goals
  • business ethics and
    sustainability issues
  • performance management
  • the Cramo Story
  • Performance Management Model
  • safety training classes
  • programmes for health and well-being
  • Code of Conduct
  • Cramo School and Cramo Academy
  • Cramo Dialogue
  • intranet and employee magazine
  • employee events
  • Great Place to Work
  • market environment
  • performance
  • operations
  • corporate responsibility
  • reporting
  • strategy
  • financial position
  • stock exchange releases
  • business reviews, half year financial report and financial statements bulletin
  • Annual Report
  • Board of Directors' report
  • Group website
  • Corporate Governance Statement
  • Annual General Meeting
  • investor and analyst meetings and events
  • social media
  • responsibility throughout the supply chain
  • energy efficiency and other environmental aspects
  • safety
  • efficiency
  • Supplier evaluation criteria
  • Supplier Code of Conduct in progress
  • co-development projects to find safe, resource-efficient solutions
  • digitalised solutions
  • purchase system
    (supplier catalogue)
  • engaging with and supporting local communities
  • Group- and country-level charities and sponsorships
  • co-operation with SOS Children’s Villages
  • work opportunities and traineeships for people outside the labour force
  • developing sustainability in the European rental industry
  • Active member of the European Rental Association (ERA)
  • Member of the UN Global Compact 
  • Cramo’s President and CEO is a Board member of ERA
  • major deals
  • acquisitions
  • sustainability and responsibility
  • strategy and business
  • press releases
  • management interviews
  • websites and social media



Creating unique stakeholder experiences at all touchpoints

We have a direct or indirect impact on many different stakeholder groups throughout our value chain. Engaging with all our stakeholders in various ways and channels as well as maintaining continuous dialogue provides valuable input to support our decision-making.

Our efforts to serve all stakeholders well, to maintain trust and strengthen the one Cramo brand continued throughout the year.

Presenting a unique, uniform Cramo brand at all relevant touchpoints is an integral part of the Cramo Story and how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Based on the Company’s strategy and values, it is a matter of how we come across at every touchpoint.

“Our customers are always listened to,” says Cramo ombudsman Malgorzata Michniewska from Cramo Poland.

Cramo always aims to keep our customer promise, but if a customer is dissatisfied, the ombudsman communicates and works with the customer throughout the process until this dissatisfaction is turned into satisfaction.

“It is also important to our internal stakeholders – the employees – that the process and responsibilities are clearly defined in such cases. It is all about team work. This is part of our corporate culture – no one is left behind – and is also an important part of brand building,” Ms Michniewska adds.

One important way to engage our stakeholders and provide transparent information is via our website. In November 2016, we launched our new website in fourteen languages, which focuses on content that is easy to access and serves different information needs –  whether someone is looking for information about our services and products or for corporate information about Cramo as an investment.