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Must-win battles continued to deliver results

The past year was marked by the successful implementation of our must-win battles and other strategic initiatives. The must-win battles set for the years 2014-2016 not only increased our profitability, productivity and sales, but engaged our employees to an even greater extent to live the Cramo Story. 


Delivering the Cramo Story differentiates us from our competitors, making us the first choice for customers. Successful implementation of the Cramo Story not only strengthens our brand, it helps us meet and exceed customer expectations, improving our sales and paving the way for continuous growth. In 2016, we continued to ensure that the Cramo Story is implemented throughout the organisation so that our promise of a great day at work is fulfilled – always putting the customer first.  


Performance management at Cramo means sharing best practices, promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and continuous learning. In our daily work, it is concretised through increased KPI visibility, driving sales, strengthening cost control and enhancing performance awareness. For our customers, our way of working means more agile customer service, faster problem-solving and taking the right corrective measures when needed. In 2016, we focused on change management to ensure continuity and the all-encompassing implementation of this model.


Capturing the full growth potential in the Central European market and becoming a relevant, multi-category rental company in Central Europe as well have delivered improved results. For us, 2016 was a turnaround year in the Central European market. The actions taken and investments made led to positive financial results and increased profitability. 

strategic initiatives

Cramo is prepared to capture both the organic and inorganic growth opportunities that the European modular space business provides.

Cramo uses the “Right Price” pricing tool in its main markets – ensuring transparent, explicit pricing and the right price for customers.

Cramo is actively participating in the consolidation of the European equipment and modular space markets.



Living the Cramo Story means ensuring a truly unique customer experience at all touchpoints. We do it by delivering on our three concrete proofs of promise.

Fulfilling these three proofs of promise requires not just solid customer understanding but also the capability to prevent and solve their problems. Therefore, each Cramo country has a dedicated ombudsman.

“Being a customer ombudsman requires broad knowledge of Cramo’s way of operating and, at the same time, knowledge about the customer's expectations. My main goal as an ombudsman is to be there for the customer and see things from their perspective. If we, for some reason, fail to deliver on our promise for a great day at work, our customers know that they always have the possibility of contacting their ombudsman. There is potential here to further develop our operations as well as reinforce our credibility,” says Adam Skoric, Cramo ombudsman for Sweden.

In 2016, Adam was contacted about 150 times by customers and was able to find a solution together with the customer just as many times. Not all customer contacts were complaints, since we also received suggestions for improvements that are valuable to us in enhancing our way of operating and cooperation.

“As an example, our customers' feedback on the functionality of our website was implemented on the new website we launched in November  – a small but important aspect for a better customer experience,” Adam continues.

Each customer contact is logged into Cramo’s nonconformity/improvement system. Progress is monitored, and the solution is described and shared throughout the organisation – an essential part of continuous improvement at Cramo.

#1    We are always helpful

#2    We are always on time

#3    Our equipment never fails



Cramo’s performance management, with the objective “empowered people drive performance”, has focused on selected key operations over the past few years, such as depot performance management, repair and maintenance operations, sales management, and purchasing and modular space operations. Various development activities have taken place, and in 2016, the emphasis was on communication, leadership and change management.

In repair and maintenance operations, one of the key activities in 2016 was a conference organised for product and maintenance managers, service managers and workshop managers from all Cramo countries. The conference consisted of communication and leadership training and coaching as well as benchmarking best practices in the countries. In addition, an internal country-level competition for managing change was launched. At the end of the year, six countries presented their concrete examples of how they implement change. The winning team, the “Shaper in Repair & Maintenance”, was the team from Finland, which successfully managed the change project with a clear timetable and clear objectives, targets and activities – proving that performance is not just a theoretical model but an important tool to drive performance improvements. The team’s improvement actions engaged everyone in the repair and maintenance organisation, establishing a culture of continuous change. The competition is arranged yearly. 


The most important thing we learned was that, in taking full charge of the situation, we achieved measurable improvements compared to the baseline situation. Now we will just continue to keep up the good work with the help of the positive energy this has given us!

Tuomas niinisalo, service manager, cramo finland



Cramo has had success in winning the Central European market following significant efforts and the building of long-term partnerships, supported by our two other strategic must-win battles. Cramo’s tool business in Central Europe is now bigger than ever. 

Our customer Bilfinger Hochbau is building two towers for a major construction project in Munich. Bavaria Towers is the first large commercial high-rise complex approved in Munich in a while. The project started in 2016 and completion is planned for early 2018. Bilfinger rents equipment from Cramo based on a long-term contract, enabling Cramo to invest in new equipment particularly for this site and for the whole project cycle: tools such as impact wrenches, concrete silos, concrete vibrators and heating equipment. 

“Our collaboration with Cramo is the result of a recommendation from colleagues at a different Bilfinger jobsite. Key factors in choosing Cramo were the wide range of tools and machines available, price criteria and their constructive mindset during the negotiations. Cooperation at the site is going very well - we feel we are in good hands. Questions are answered and problems are solved quickly and in an unbureaucratic way,” explains Mr Theodor Sprick, Senior Project Manager at Bilfinger Hochbau.

“We also appreciate Cramo’s service in providing safety checks on our own equipment. Last but not least, Cramo often uses new equipment that complies with the latest environmental protection and safety requirements,” Mr Sprick adds. 


For our company, the safety aspect is very important. Cramo meets our requirements to our utmost satisfaction by providing safety checks and keeping a record of this for all equipment in use.

Theodor Sprick, Senior Project Manager, Bilfinger Hochbau