Shape and share

Well-positioned for emerging opportunities in the market

Cramo’s business model is based on the responsible sharing of sustainable solutions and other resources. Together with our strong market position, customer focus and innovative thinking, this enables us to capture emerging business opportunities in the European rental market. 

Cramo is one of the industry’s leading providers of equipment rental services in Europe and the leader in the rental of modular space solutions in the Nordic countries.

In 2016, demand for equipment rental and modular space developed favourably in most markets Cramo operates in. We succeeded very well in capturing the opportunities from this market growth, increasing our sales and profit in both product areas.

Over the long term, growing demand for rental services is supported by several megatrends. The megatrends with the greatest impact on the operating environment for the equipment and modular space rental business today are strongly related to demographic changes, urbanisation, resource scarcity, sustainable development and digitalisation.  


One of the main drivers in equipment rental is the volume of new construction and renovation. Changes in demand typically follow construction trends, albeit with a lag. In addition to construction volume, demand for equipment rental services is affected by industrial investments and the rental penetration rate of a market. The most advanced rental market in Europe by penetration rate is Sweden; Germany is Europe’s third-largest rental market by volume, but the penetration rate is much lower and the competition landscape is fragmented. Cramo is an active player in both markets.

One industry-specific trend that is gaining strength is growth in rental-related services. There is a growing need for total solutions as more pressure is placed on economic performance and operational efficiency, especially in large construction and industrial projects.


Many drivers of equipment rental growth also create market opportunities for the rental of modular space. Site-specific space needs during renovation periods and fluctuating needs related to local demographic changes and migration create demand for high-quality temporary space solutions. Temporary solutions that meet stringent requirements for safety, energy efficiency and low maintenance costs are gaining in popularity.

The public sector is an important customer group for modular space solutions, so public finances also affect the demand for temporary building solutions.

Our customers

We have over 150,000 customers.

Our presence

We have a network of 324 depots and we provide service in 15 countries.¹

Our offering

We have more than 230,000 rental items.

                     Rental market size 2016 (2015)3, MEUR MARKET POSITION ESTIMATE4


471 (456) Strong #2 in equipment rental, #1 in modular space


1,519 (1,460) Strong #1 both in equipment rental and modular space


895 (890) #3 in equipment rental, #4 in modular space


463 (452) #6 in equipment rental, #1 in modular space


4,288 (4,131) #4 in Germany, #2 in Austria


675 (669) #2 in Baltics, and one of the leading rental companies in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia


  1. Germany, Austria and Hungary
  2. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Kaliningrad region of Russia.   
  3. Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark: ERA European Rental Industry 2016 Market Report, October 2016, Central and Eastern Europe: ERA, Cramo Management estimate. Russia is not included in the market size estimate for Eastern Europe.
  4. Management estimate