Shaping the future

During the year, we put a lot of emphasis on executing our Shape and Share growth strategy to ensure responsible value creation in the long term. Our aim is to be a player that shapes not just its own operations but the whole industry. By doing so, we can help our customers succeed and enable our people to perform even better.

Although we continuously focus on providing maximum value for our customers, foreseeing their needs and enhancing their business success, we have also worked on aligning our internal processes and sharing best practices in the Cramo Group. We have shaped our business structure and now have two strong business divisions to stand tall on. It has been an exciting journey for all of us capturing and sharing the opportunities created by digitalisation and innovation with our stakeholders. We are now well prepared for future growth and have strengthened our role as the shaper of the industry. 


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Serving our 150,000 customers
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About Cramo

Cramo is one of the industry’s leading providers of equipment rental services in Europe and the leader in the rental of modular space solutions in the Nordic countries. Our equipment rental services comprise a full range of construction machinery and equipment as well as related services. The modular space solutions delivered as turn-key projects are divided into four segments: schools, daycares, office space and accommodation.