Ensuring shared success through stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders have a considerable impact on our business, and their engagement is crucial for our continued success. To ensure long-term engagement, Cramo continuously works with its different stakeholders to understand their specific expectations in order to create value for them. Cramo also encourages the mutual sharing of insights and experiences. 

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Shaping new concepts together with our customers

The Cramo Innovation Race was first. Next came Shapers of the Future, together with customers. Both share the same objective, to innovate and create something new together.

The search for new business models got off to a flying start in January 2017, when Cramo organised a Group-wide Innovation Race. 

“The event exceeded all our expectations. The teams hardly slept during the 70-hour race. It was great to feel the passion and commitment of our professionals,” says Director of Innovations and New Business Development Tomi Sundberg from Cramo.

The Innovation Race resulted in fifteen projects, and three of them – all shaping new digital solutions – were selected for piloting. 

The next step was the Shapers of the Future event, co-organised with Cramo’s Finnish customers and using a service design method. Three teams began to work on the challenges coming from both customers and the company. The event produced two pilot projects. 

One of them, Cramo Calendar, is aimed at facilitating customers’ site planning. The digital solution optimises the use of machines and equipment and streamlines transport processes, which cuts emissions and costs.

“Cramo Calendar clearly is a good initiative. It’s a convincing tool for managing the costs of our own as well as rental equipment and for optimising their use, which will bring measurable benefits,” says Jesse Puhjo, Responsible Site Manager from Lemminkäinen Talo Oy.

The next step will be solution-oriented workshops in different countries, using service design. Cramo’s aim is to shape a new data concept and ten pilot projects every year, with short time to market.