Cramo serves rental equipment customers 24/7

Cramo’s e-commerce solution is more than a webshop, it works as a webdepot where customers can browse, compare and order equipment, and even return it, and it works as an online platform where customers can view all their products on rent jobsite by jobsite. Cramo eCRent is an essential part of our comprehensive digital strategy.

“All services are digitalised, and Cramo eCRent is a natural part of our digital platform. It’s at the core of our digital services and customer channels. The service covers the entire rental equipment range, showing detailed product descriptions, photos and availability by depot,” explains eChannel Manager Elina Aalto from Cramo.

Equipment can be ordered either to be transported to the site or collected at the depot. It can also be returned online. By creating an account, customers can browse through their order and invoicing history site by site, which facilitates further selection of equipment. 

Cramo’s e-commerce solution has already been launched in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Lithuania, and will be launched in Norway during the first half of 2018. Customers have quickly found the easy-to-use service. 

The solution will be continuously developed based on customer feedback. Ideas are also gathered from the market, by comparing our solution to leading digital services.

“We follow the top digital players in the world and set our future targets and plans in line with them, to ensure the high level of the service. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly customer experience online. All steps in the customer’s path are served online, anytime and anywhere,” Elina Aalto concludes.


Enabling our people to perform

One of the focus areas of the Shape and Share strategy is enabling people to perform, which execution is supported by our new People Strategy.

To start shaping the new People Strategy, Cramo organised four focus group workshops. In all, some 100 participants - from  depot employees to the top management and HR - discussed the company’s current strengths and challenges as well as ideas about how to attract and retain the best talent.

Based on the workshops, a number of strengths that define Cramo were identified. One of the most positive findings was that Cramo people really feel proud to work for the company. Our employees greatly appreciate their colleagues and find the working environment open-minded and friendly. The flat, customer-oriented organisation was also seen as one of our key strengths. 

However, there is always room for improvement. The development areas established include improving employee development and career opportunities, strengthening the employer brand, and improving day-to-day leadership and internal communication. 

This People Strategy, striving for great people and great performance, is divided into three focus areas: “Leaders and employees of the future”, “Attractive employer” and “One Cramo culture”. For us, the first focus area means growing people and business through feedback and team performance. To secure this, we have set a clear objective: by 2020, our managers and employees will have clear expectations of what to do and how to do it.  

Shaping the industry with our customers at heart is one of our main messages. For us, this means that when we strive to be number one in our industry and drive the sharing economy in rental, we do it in a way that creates added value for our customers. 

Our second message is that we strongly believe that focusing on people and their development is the way forward to reach our ambitious growth and other targets. We also see that a passion for improvement and a solution-driven environment, where everyone contributes with new ideas, are some of the keys for future success – and thus constitute our third message. Last but not least, having great, supportive colleagues and a solid team spirit based on the equal importance of every employee are something we value and constantly strive for. 

We want to be the shaper of our industry, and our people are what will make us that. By 2020, we’ll have a strong collaboration culture in which we share best practices and develop our people through job rotation and continuous competence development. We’re well on that track


New brand platform to strengthen our competitiveness

Cramo’s new brand platform is aimed at enhancing the company’s competitiveness through a strong, engaging brand. 

Our new brand platform is designed to express more clearly what Cramo is and what it stands for and to distinguish the company from its competitors, raise customer awareness and, as a result, add value to our business.

Some of the new elements in our brand expression include a stronger human perspective and a clear emphasis on our customers' end results, which we communicate both visually and verbally. We want to put forward a compelling story of committed Cramo professionals providing the customer with optimal solutions, value-adding knowledge and the right equipment for every job. In addition, we are keen to make it more apparent that we always work in a result-oriented and helpful manner.

“With our new brand platform, we want to position Cramo as a trusted advisor in the minds of our customers and other stakeholders,” explains Mattias Rådström, Senior Vice President, Communications, Marketing and Investor Relations.

The new brand platform is also closely linked to the objectives of our People Strategy. It helps build a modern, attractive image of the company and communicate a clear and consistent employer brand message throughout the employee life cycle. The tonality chosen strives to convey our helpful, human and result-oriented personality, and the refreshed visual elements are well-balanced and attractive, painting a picture of a company ready to lead the future development of the rental industry. Through harmonised brand expression implemented across all communications channels, we build and ensure improved recognition and stronger engagement among our stakeholders.


Securing talent for the future

A group of young professionals from all the Cramo countries took part in an ERA-led study on attracting young talents to the rental industry and retaining them.

The European Rental Association (ERA) conducted a Europe-wide study to analyse the current situation and to put forward best practices for attracting and retaining talent in the industry.

Current areas of concern include low awareness of the rental industry and its loose connection with the construction industry, poor online visibility, the result of which could be unawareness, low interest among female professionals and not enough apprenticeships and training-on-the-job schemes. 
The rental industry is, by definition, sustainable and a good fit with modern trends of sharing resources and renting instead of buying and owning. Attracting young talents requires shaping the industry together with universities and other educational establishments. Sharing ideas provides an early touchpoint with potential employees, as millennials are best reached by social networks and online job platforms. 

To retain talent, companies should support high involvement and engagement. Values, communication and future perspectives are key. The critical phase is the first year, when there is high turnover. 
For us at Cramo, it is important to help our existing employees to grow and develop their competences. We also want to communicate clearly, internally and externally, what kind of development opportunities we offer in order to attract potential employees in the future.



Seizing the potential of the latest technology

Cramo has started collaborating with top startups to gain insight into the potential of the latest technology. 

IoT - the Internet of Things - influences our business in many ways: it helps us add more value to our customers and improve our internal efficiency, and it provides means to develop our business models and find new ones. New solutions enable tracking tool usage at construction sites, for example. Customer value is added when the appropriate tools can be brought on site just when the need arises. Internal efficiency increases when unneeded tools can quickly be taken to other locations. In the future, this solution can be developed into providing comprehensive tool fleet management services to our customers.

Since September 2017, Cramo has collaborated with EIT Digital’s Advanced Connectivity Platform for Vertical Segments High Impact Initiative, known as ACTIVE. In ACTIVE, sensor computers, intelligent gateways and a cloud solution are integrated into a next generation IoT platform. 

Three Finnish subgrant companies in ACTIVE work together with Cramo. An initial batch of Cramo tools has been equipped with intelligent sensors and an IoT solution from ACTIVE. The goal is to transfer usage information and to test the end-to-end connectivity between construction site and cloud. 

“For EIT Digital and its partners, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the customer perspective. We want to test our products and services in their actual environment to ensure fit and usability. Cramo’s open, practical approach to innovations and its ability to quickly develop ideas and test them in real-world circumstances benefit all parties,” says Marko Turpeinen, Director of EIT Digital Helsinki Node. The next step will be a bigger pilot project involving several gateways and a large number of sensors. The aim is to develop innovative technology and business hand in hand.


Cramo as a taxpayer

As a caring member of society, Cramo is committed to complying with all applicable tax laws, rules and regulations in every jurisdiction it conducts business activities in. Our operations create added value through taxes to society in 14 countries.

In 2017, Cramo paid EUR 90.6 (84.9; 2016) million in taxes to governments in countries that the Group has operations in. Our main tax payments are corporate income taxes and value-added tax (VAT). A total of EUR 14.9 (11.6; 2016) million was paid as corporate income tax and EUR 75.7 (73.3; 2016) million was paid as VAT (net). Cramo follows international transfer pricing guidelines and local laws. We seek to ensure that our tax decisions are aligned with our business, and tax is only one of many factors taken into account in business decisions. As a responsible corporate citizen, we seek to work proactively and openly with tax authorities. In 2017, Cramo utilised tax losses from previous years, and paid corporate income tax only in Sweden. VAT is reported on a net basis, which is VAT on sales less VAT on purchases and investments.

Cramo aims to lead sustainability in the industry through increased transparency, among other things. As part of that, we will pay more attention to communicating our tax footprint in the future