Cramo as a taxpayer

Cramo is committed to complying with all applicable tax laws, rules and regulations in every jurisdiction it conducts business activities in. Our operations create added value through taxes to society in 14 countries.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we seek to work proactively and openly with tax authorities.

In 2018, Cramo paid EUR 106.1 (90.6; 2017) million in taxes to governments in countries that the Group has operations in. Our main tax payments are corporate income tax and value-added tax (VAT). A total of EUR 20.0 (14.9; 2017) million was paid in corporate income tax and EUR 86.1 (75.7; 2017) million was paid in VAT (net). Cramo follows international transfer pricing guidelines and local laws. We seek to ensure that our tax decisions are aligned with our business, and tax is only one of many factors taken into account in business decisions. VAT is reported on a net basis, which is VAT on sales less VAT on purchases and investments.