Customer case: Managing fleet and saving time easily

It’s Wednesday, and the day has just begun at RO-Gruppen’s construction site in Gothenburg, Sweden. Around noon, some construction workers need a dumpster but can’t find one. They contact the project manager to say that there are no dumpsters on site. Project Manager Mathias Johansson has made things easy for himself. He rents construction equipment when it’s needed from Cramo and is an active user of their digital fleet manager. After hearing that no dumpster is available, Mathias quickly logs into Cramo’s digital platform to check if there aren’t in fact any dumpsters on site and immediately gets confirmation that they are actually renting nine dumpsters at the moment. With that information at hand, he lets the workers know about the dumpster situation.

“For me, the biggest benefit of the digital platform is the fleet manager, where I get up-to-date information about what equipment I have on site and what we’ve returned. I’ve also rented and returned equipment through the platform and it works fine,” says Mathias Johansson.

I really like working with Cramo – they have a genuine service mind-set. If there’s a machine that needs to be serviced, it’s immediately taken care of.

When told that Cramo is planning to digitally connect even more equipment in the future so that they can determine which items need service and schedule maintenance before any trouble occurs, Mathias sounds pleased. Some 12,000 of Cramo’s rental items are already digitally connected in what is called the Internet of Things or IoT, which means that Cramo can help customers optimise their equipment use or anticipate future maintenance needs.

“For me, the digital platform simply saves time. I use it for three purposes: to manage our rental fleet, find instructions for machine usage and enhance safety on our construction sites. I recently printed out instructions for a large saw in order show our site workers how important it is for them to protect their hearing with proper ear muffs when they use it,” says Construction Site Supervisor Johanna Bengtsson from JM.

For me, the digital platform simply saves time.

Today, JM employees are not yet allowed to use digital platforms or apps other than those from their own company.

“I’d love to use the rental and return function. Using it, I could prevent misunderstandings that sometimes occur on the phone. It happens that long ID numbers for equipment are entered incorrectly and we get the wrong equipment on-site. I could also more easily optimise equipment returns. Avoiding these mistakes would save both time and money.”

Cramo’s mobile app, Product Viewer, could also help in downloading the appropriate instructions and certificates. With the app, it is easy to scan the barcode off the machine instead of typing it out.


RO-Gruppen is one of the most attractive and fastest-growing construction companies in Sweden, with an annual turnover of about 80 million euros.

JM is one of the Nordic region’s leading developers of housing and residential areas, with an annual turnover of about 1 billion euros.