Customer case: Modular space building – perfect for a school 

In the historic mining town of Sala in central Sweden, a school for 350 students and staff was in urgent need of renovation.

“Our need for a temporary school was immediate. The local authority’s decision to renovate the old Gärdesta School, which suffered from water damage and poor indoor air quality, was made in late January 2018,” says the Property Manager for Sala municipality, Åsa Eriksson. “To replace it, we needed a building suitable for a school with good indoor air quality, a cost-effective solution and a partner that could act fast. Our biggest concern was the tight schedule. To our relief, Cramo Adapteo and all the subcontractors assured us that the modular building would be finalised in time for the start of school in August 2018.”

 “When they said the school could be done in time, I got this very warm feeling inside. The summer turned out to be very hectic, but at the same time it was so cool to be part of something like this.”

During the planning and building, parents and staff voiced concerns about the “barracks” that the children would inhabit. But now that opinion has completely changed. The modular school is big and spacious, and Sala municipality has received many positive comments about it and about the good air quality. All the modules were delivered and assembled on site in just 19 days. The short timeframe also helped reduce disturbances to the traffic flow in Sala.

“In August, when school started, we were worried about the indoor temperature since the summer was unusually warm. In many of the old school buildings, the indoor temperature reflected the outdoor temperature so it can get really warm inside. But we needn’t have worried – the modular school has good air cooling.”

Åsa Eriksson has been working with schools for some 30 years.

I’ve never seen such happy students and staff in my whole career. They’re so pleased with their modular school that we’re afraid they won’t want to move when the time comes.

Two neighbouring local authorities have visited Gärdesta School to benchmark the solution. Åsa Eriksson got the intel when she was interviewing school staff that the visitors received only positive feedback on the building and the process overall. Both local authorities have now decided to use modular schools as temporary solutions.