Driving innovation together in Bjørvika

The Norwegian construction company AF Gruppen is building 26 multi-storey buildings in a major construction project located in the Bjørvika district of Oslo, the capital of Norway. The project includes 1,300 apartments as well as stores, restaurants and other commercial premises. Cramo is providing construction machinery and equipment for the project, but the collaboration with AF Gruppen goes much deeper. In fact, it is a unique way of working together in the construction business.

“Our goal is to increase productivity and value creation in the project. There are four main goals: create the most attractive city district in Norway, have Norway's most satisfied customers, increase value creation by 40%, and change the way we collaborate in the industry. To achieve this, we must radically change the way we and all the other parties involved interact on the project,” says Marius Winger, Chief Ambition Officer at AF Gruppen.

We must radically change the way we and all the other parties involved interact on the project.

This new way of working starts with a new type of contract.

“Instead of being a document that mostly contains rules and fines, a contract now includes each party’s goals for the project, so we establish common project goals together. For example, if we fail to meet the goals set for Cramo in the contract, the project is not a complete success,” Winger continues.

“We are extremely proud to be part of this pioneering project, which will shape the way the whole industry operates,” says Bjørn Melheim, Managing Director, Cramo Norway. 

“To be able to meet the project’s ambitious profitability and cost reduction goals as far as Cramo is concerned, we must be truly innovative and rethink the way we deliver our products and services. We must take a more active role in every phase of the project, deepen our collaboration with all the parties and find ways to capitalise on the potential of the new technology in a smarter way.”