Safety week in Poland attracts thousands 

The annual safety week is an important means for Cramo Poland to work together with clients towards the goal of zero accidents.

Safety week is a core project of the Alignment for Safety initiative run by the country’s largest construction companies. The main objective of the initiative is to eliminate accidents through the development of safety awareness and improvement of safety standards. For one week in May, safety is the main focus and safety training is provided to contractors and subcontractors at every work site of the companies involved. 

For Cramo Poland, it all began in 2015 with a presentation given at one customer’s work site. Soon after that, there was a whole wave of inquiries as word of mouth about the popular programme spread. Cramo’s contribution has grown steadily since the early days of safety week, and in 2018 nearly 100 presentations were held for close to 2,500 workers at dozens of companies.

“Our practical approach has proven to be very successful. In line with our Great Day at Work promises, we want to work actively to improve safety especially in the area that accounts for the majority of the most serious accidents – working with electricity at heights,” says Bernard Michalczewski, Country Manager for Cramo Poland.

I’m really proud of my team. With an organisation of just 160 people, we provide safety training to thousands of people throughout the country. This is a big undertaking, and it underlines our strong commitment to safety.

In the training programmes, we provide guidance on what kind of safety checks are needed before work starts and how to use machines properly and safely. Finally, since we believe that learning happens best by doing, participants are invited to test their electrical tools, which they were asked to bring along, and together with an instructor try out a lift after going through a safety checklist.

Safety week is also an example of a genuine win-win concept which has positive outcomes for both sides: in addition to improving safety at work sites, it has also increased awareness of Cramo as a reliable and safe partner in the construction industry, boosting Cramo’s rental sales.

In 2019, we will continue to work with safety week and develop the concept further with the aim of optimising our safety week process, tools and resources.