Sharing machines – easy 24/7 rental 

“It’s no news that millennials are used to getting their information instantly, anytime and anywhere. Cramo’s customers wanted an overview of their invoicing, what machines they’re currently renting and instructions on their usage. What they wanted was convenience and easy access,” says Business Development Director Jonas Pärssinen at Cramo.

“Their requests fitted well with our sense of the main issues raised in many of our customer transactions and became the starting point for the development of our digital portal. We never wanted to build a simple e-commerce platform. And we didn’t.”

Cramo’s digital platform aims to give customers trouble-free access to a combination of services and solutions that together make their usage smart business.

“Our new service reached the younger generation of construction project managers first. They learned to use the platform in no time. For some customers, it takes longer to get on board and our sales people are there to support them.”

The users are mainly site managers and project managers who are out in the field and need quick access to up-to-date figures for their rental fleet, invoicing or returns. Back office people use the portal to get data.

“Customers really appreciate having all their data readily available. This also impacts our work since there has been a steady decrease in phone calls and e-mail traffic about rental data. Once we get on top of renting out equipment through the platform, we’ll see further benefits for everyone. But at the moment, customers are still learning how to use the rental feature.”

“In my vision, we’ll soon be able to also provide customers with logistics planning and the servicing of IoT-smart machines. These features will further smooth the way for customers, reduce transport needs and extend the effective, sustainable use of our rental equipment fleet.

Cramo’s digital platform adds equipment rental as another component in the digitalisation megatrend. Digital equipment rental also allows us to meet one of our top goals – to make professional renting part of the circular economy.