Strategy and strategy execution

Creating value by simplifying the sharing of resources

We create added value and drive the sharing economy by making the responsible sharing of our rental solutions and other resources simple and easy for customers through digitalisation. Innovations based on real customer needs further support our ability to create value. Enabling our people to perform is one of the top priorities in ensuring our future success.  



  • Equity MEUR 597.0
  • Net Debt MEUR 703.5
  • 218,000 equipment rental items
  • 32,000 modular space units
  • Network of 301 depots in 14¹ countries and Cramo's e-commerce solution

1 Cramo operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In Russia and Ukraine, Cramo operates through the 50-precent owned joint venture Fortrent.

Intellectual input
  • Strong brand
  • Innovation and culture focused on development
  • Comprehensive competence and know-how
Human input
  • 2,753 rental professionals
  • Trainees and interns
  • Summer employees
Social and relations
  • Safety
  • Collaboration with partners
  • Community and stakeholder relations
  • Oils and fuels
  • Spare parts
  • Detergents



    2018 MEUR 2017 MEUR
Customers Sales (services, solutions) 779.8 729.5
Employees Employee benefits 124.8 118.5
Suppliers Purchases 905.7 564.6
Owners Dividends 37.9 33.4
Financial community Financial expenses, net 14.2 12.0
Society Taxes, social security charges, pension expenses 61.2 54.0


Customer care
  • Cost-effectiveness by sharing costs
  • Enabling optimisation of capital investments
  • Effective services and solutions as well as innovations based on customer needs
  • Flexible access to modern equipment with high safety and environmental standards
  • Shared know-how, for instance, through training
  • Driving the sharing economy
Employee care
  • Work safety
  • Fair employment conditions
  • Personal development
  • Career opportunities
  • Diversity and non-discrimination
Social care
Suppliers Society
  • Business relations based on strong ethics and trust
  • Sharing of competences and insights for mutual success
  • Sustainable solutions enabling and driving the sharing economy
  • Responsible corporate citizen
Environmental care
  • Sharing reduces the amount of new machinery needed, thus reducing the consumption of natural resources
  • Responsible re-selling of used machinery
  • Hazardous waste such as used filters, oils and batteries
  • Reduced electricity consumption and waste

1. Products and services

Our Equipment Rental business division provides modern rental solutions through the Cramo Rental Concept. By combining our product portfolio with an extensive offering of services, we create a wide range of total rental solutions that meet all the different needs of our customers. 

Our Modular Space business division, Cramo Adapteo, offers high-quality modular space solutions as turn-key deliveries for rental periods varying from two to five years, often even longer. Our solutions cover a number of end-uses, such as schools, daycares, office space, accommodation and events. As a result of the acquisition of Nordic Modular Group, we can now offer customised modular buildings for long-term rental needs, meaning rental periods of five years or more, and for sale. 

2. Depots and digital sharing solutions

We serve our equipment rental customers through a network of 301 depots in 11 countries and a digital platform available in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Austria. Through our digital customer platform, we simplify the whole rental process for our customers. The platform includes functionalities to browse, compare and order as well as return equipment. It also works as a management tool, whereby customers can view services and all their rented products site by site. This means they have greater potential to optimise the use of their rental fleet. The Modular Space business’ customers are served through depots in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Germany.

3. Values


In everything we do, our approach to customers reflects honesty, professionalism and a genuine desire to help make their lives easier. Since their success is the only way we can achieve success, we always look to their needs before we do our own.


We constantly try to think in new ways and face new situations in an innovative way. We create business models, offerings and products that stay one step ahead of the competition and the ever-evolving needs of our customers.


We strive to know our customers’ needs as well as or better than they do, in order to positively influence their business. We are reachable through all channels at all times and always give that little extra to every customer.

4. People

At Cramo, we focus on our people and offer them safe, stimulating workplaces. We align the development of our employees with our business strategy. By doing this we support our employees’ ability to perform in a changing operating environment and to meet diverse customer demands. Collaborating, sharing knowledge, being open-minded and innovative are valued traits that are encouraged at Cramo.

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