Strategy and strategy execution

Driving the sharing economy by delivering on our strategy

In 2018, we continued the successful execution of our strategy. We made major efforts to develop our digital platform and services, to create innovative, game-changing offerings, and to integrate sustainability into our processes. Following two major acquisitions, we strengthened our market position and expanded our divisions’ business models. Enabling our people to perform remained high on our agenda.

Cramo’s purpose is to drive the sharing economy. This purpose is closely connected to our vision – Shared Resources Simplified. By making the sharing of our rental solutions and value-adding services easy for our customers, we also drive the development towards a sharing economy across the industry.

Cramo’s vision combines the idea of the sharing economy with the opportunities of digitalisation. Digitalisation is one of the single most important enablers of more efficient and easily accessible sharing.

Our strategic focus area Shape the Future includes, among other things, our ambition to support the future success of our customers and of Cramo through the latest digital technologies and solutions. We actively seek, develop and implement digital solutions that help us to become more effective in our internal processes and to create added value for our customers.

Easy access to our rental offering and value-adding services

Our customer-centred approach supports our aim to offer a smooth customer journey with high-quality customer experiences at every touchpoint. These touchpoints are designed to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and to reflect our brand.

Through our digital platform, we simplify the whole rental process for our customers. The platform includes functionalities to browse, compare and order as well as return equipment. It also works as a management tool, whereby customers can view services and all their rented products site by site. This means they have greater potential to optimise the use of their rental fleet.

Cramo continuously drives the development of selected digital technologies. One good example of this is an application that enables customers to easily obtain all the relevant information about a tool or machine by scanning its serial number at a construction site. The material available may include not just basic information and instructions, but also order and return details as well as a CE certificate.

In the era of consumerisation, social media have become increasingly important as a way to communicate with our customers and other stakeholders. When used systematically, social media offer an efficient means to create interest in our brand and offering as well as to increase traffic to our digital platform.

Our efforts to develop our online service were also recognised outside the industry in 2018 – Cramo was among the five organisations shortlisted for the European Digital Communications Award in the Customer Journey category. 

Driving digital development through pilot projects

Pilot projects are an important way for us to drive the digital development of our industry. We believe we must learn fast and fail fast to find the real values. So far we have carried out more than 15 pilot projects, many in close cooperation with our customers and top start-ups. Although the technologies tested are quite advanced, it is the real-life, practical challenges of our customers that we want to solve.

For example, it may take a lot of time at a big construction site to find a certain tool or machine. Since many of Cramo’s rental items are interconnected digitally, we are now piloting the use of tracking technology. A tracking solution – including a simple mobile application interface – will make it easier to locate a given piece of equipment at the construction site. There is substantial time-saving potential, and customer feedback has been very positive.

Changing the way our industry interacts

Digitalisation impacts all industries, disrupting and challenging traditional business and revenue generation models. It also changes the way the organisations in a value chain work together – much more transparent, closer cooperation is needed in the future to create value and success for all parties.

At Cramo, our ambition is to drive innovation and shape the industry together with our customers. A good example of this is the major Norwegian construction project, Bjørvika, where a new type of contract has been introduced, ensuring and promoting collaboration and innovation to achieve common targets.

Expanding our equipment rental and modular space business models

The acquisition of a leading German construction site logistics company, KBS Infra GmbH, in early 2018 was fully in line with our Shape and Share strategy. It strengthened our business position in the Central European market and expanded our business model with value-adding services.  

KBS Infra’s service offering is built around its extensive expertise in construction site planning and logistics. Its services include scheduling of deliveries, access control, management of other on-site subcontractors and organising the use of third party rental equipment on behalf of its customers.

Our ambition is to further build our site logistics service offering with a stronger focus on value-adding planning services instead of material handling. With its extensive expertise in the field, KBS Infra offers an excellent platform for also developing the concept Group-wide.

Cramo strengthened its position in the Nordic modular space market by acquiring the Swedish-based Nordic Modular Group Holding AB in October. The acquisition also supported the execution of our strategy by expanding our business model with in-house research and development as well as production of modular solutions. This will enable us to enter the long-term rental business with in-house manufacturing of temporary and permanent solutions and creates a platform for further international expansion.

Focus on our people

People and performance is at the centre of our Shape and Share strategy, and enabling people to perform is one of our strategic focus areas. The execution of the people-related areas of this strategy is supported by the People Strategy that we launched in 2017.

In 2018, we made major efforts to develop and implement our new people promise, to further align our human resources processes Group-wide, and to define the Cramo Development framework for employees in different phases of their career.

We are Shapers

At the beginning of 2018, we launched our new people promise, called “We are Shapers” – with the ambition to increase employee engagement and strengthen Cramo’s employer brand. This people promise emphasises our decision to focus on our employees and demonstrates our belief that they are one of the main sources of our future success and continuous growth.

Cramo’s ambition is to be the shaper of the industry, and the people promise clarifies what people can expect from their journey as an employee at Cramo. Collaborating, sharing knowledge, supporting and helping each other as well as being open-minded and innovative are valued traits that are encouraged at Cramo. In addition, all employees are actively offered various opportunities for development and for shaping their own career.

On the Cramo Group website, a career site demonstrating the new people promise was launched in 2018, with the aim of attracting and inspiring potential employees. The new site is also an important step in strengthening Cramo’s position as a global employer.

Offering the same high-quality recruiting experience Group-wide

The alignment of the recruiting process in all Cramo countries was one of the important internal development efforts in human resources in 2018. A common recruitment platform was chosen and is being implemented, supporting our shared way of working. Aligned professional processes make recruiting more effective, but they also ensure that the recruiting experience is of the same high quality regardless of which Cramo country it is carried out in.

Expectations clarified in the Cramo Development framework

Towards the end of the year, we created the Cramo Development framework. This framework defines, on one hand, what kind of behaviour and, on the other, what kind of professional know-how are expected of employees at different levels. The expectations are based on Cramo’s common values and the Shape and Share strategy. The framework will support and guide our employees in their personal and professional growth in a clear, inspiring manner throughout their time at Cramo.

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