Strategy and strategy execution

Shape and Share – Seizing opportunities in a changing world

Our Shape and Share growth strategy was created to support Cramo in capturing business and growth opportunities in a rapidly changing operating environment. Digitalisation, sustainability, innovation and focus on our people are at the core of our strategy and build sustainable value for our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

There are a number of megatrends that influence the operating environment for the equipment and modular space rental businesses. The most important ones include rapid urbanisation, climate change, resource scarcity, demographic changes, the aspiration of sustainable development and digitalisation.

New business and growth opportunities arise from construction and renovation needs as well as from fluctuating space needs that are the result, for example, of accelerating urbanisation and other demographic changes. Being part of the sharing economy – providing customers with access to state-of-the-art equipment, premises and services that meet sustainability requirements – forms the backbone of our business model.

Sustainability is embedded in our strategy, and our ambition is to take the lead as well in promoting sustainability in the rental industry. Through our sustainability work, we help our customers meet their own sustainability targets and encourage the whole value chain to act responsibly. In our strategy, we stress the crucial role our people play as a key to continuous success. Enabling our people to perform supports us in capturing emerging business and growth opportunities.    

Digitalisation has opened up new ways for us to further simplify professional sharing and to develop innovative, game-changing solutions and services. By digitalising our main processes, we benefit from more efficient operations and can make more data-driven decisions – an advantage we can offer our customers through our digital services. Consumerisation, prioritising access over ownership, and expectations of having information, offerings and services available online 24/7 are changing the way companies operate as millennials constitute a growing share of the workforce. We have chosen to lead the way in both driving the sharing economy and exploring the opportunities of digitalisation. By doing so, we also live up to our role as the shaper of the industry.

Strategic steps 2017–2020


  • Implementing Group-wide processes and tools
  • Living the Cramo Story
  • Establishing the renewed Cramo Care


  • Shaping the business structure and model
  • Enhancing the performance culture
  • Creating a new digital concept 
  • Striving for zero accidents


  • Building a new footprint in chosen markets
  • Targeting organic and inorganic growth
  • Continuously evaluating potential acquisition target companies and striving for a leading position in chosen markets