Customer Care

Strategic target: Most satisfied customers in the industry.

Priority will be given at all times to our customers’ key concerns – safety at construction sites, resource efficiency and strong business ethics. Cramo contributes to our customers’ success by enabling them to provide safe working environments, reduce their energy usage, limit their climate impact and minimise waste. An active dialogue and collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders are key to the further development of sustainable rental solutions.
– from the Cramo Care Policy

Customer Care
Topics Key performance indicator Target Outcome 2018 Outcome 2017 Outcome 2016 Status1
Customer satisfaction Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) CSI2 steady over 70 75 73 72  
  Share of operations covered by ISO 9001 (relative to sales) All operations covered by ISO 9001 by 2020 80% 81% 82%  
Health and safety (at customer site) Number of individuals participating in external safety training provided by Cramo to customers, subcontractors, suppliers and other external parties 10% increase per year from 2018 12,698 individuals, a 28% increase 9,895 individuals, a 7% decrease 10,622 individuals  
  Share of countries providing external safety training (excluding countries with less than 3 depots) All countries with more than 3 depots providing external safety training by 2020 78% 78% 67%  
Resource efficiency (at customer site) Energy usage from rented modules and site huts 149 kWh/m2 by 2020 (equals a 13% reduction vs 2016) 166 kWh/m2 168 kWh/m2 171 kWh/m2  
  Share of diesel-powered heating equipment of total heating fleet 9.6% by 2020 (equals a 40% reduction vs 2016) 11.3% 12.4% 16.0%  
  Share of Stage I-III diesel engines of total rental equipment with diesel engines 16.8% by 2020 (equals a 70% reduction vs 2016) 25.2% 39.5% 56.0%  
Business ethics Number of legal proceedings (human rights, corruption, environment) 0 legal proceedings 0 0 0  
Responsible suppliers Share of signatories of new supplier CoC3 All contract suppliers have signed the Supplier CoC by 2020 54% 48% A new Supplier CoC was developed in 2016, implementation started in 2017  

1  CRAMO Joo nappula Taulukko On-going – excellent progress or Target achieved     CRAMO Vaiheessa nappula Taulukko On-going – on track     CRAMO Ei nappula Taulukko On-going – not on track
2 All units, weighted average
3 The Supplier Code of Conduct covers environmental, health and safety, human rights and anti-corruption and bribery matters


ISO Management Standard 9001 has been implemented for Equipment Rental in Finland, Sweden and Norway and for Modular Space in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany. Certification is ongoing, with all Cramo markets targeted.

Implementation in 2018

Monitoring customer satisfaction

Our strategic target is to have the most satisfied customers in the industry. Furthermore, we aim for a leading market position in our chosen market areas and in both our product areas, so it is important that we monitor our customer satisfaction regularly.

In 2018, the target for customer satisfaction, Customer satisfaction index >70, was reached, with a result of 75 (73 in 2017). Customer satisfaction index has increased in each of the past three years.

Innovation through partnerships and joint development projects

Cramo’s ambition is to play an active role in developing sustainable solutions – not just to meet existing requirements and regulations but to contribute to further development towards a more sustainable world. An active dialogue and structured cooperation with customers and other stakeholders are key components of this strategy.

Projects with customers continued in 2018 and covered a number of sustainability areas, from energy and fuels to mutual information-sharing targets to finding new rental solutions, for example, for temporary constructions and to learning more about accidents and incidents and how to prevent them. Together with other stakeholders we address different areas, such as promoting the sharing economy and social integration – how we as a company and as individuals can help provide experience and contacts with working life.

Promoting a B2B sharing economy

In 2018, Cramo initiated two debate articles promoting a B2B business model that allows temporary access to physical resources, thereby increasing their utilisation. We see, for example, that the construction industry needs to fully encompass and integrate the benefits of the sharing economy. Along with sharing equipment and machinery, other crucial benefits can be obtained in waste management. Rental partners could help construction companies reduce and recycle waste, take care of end-of-life equipment and use their leverage to promote production of more sustainable, recyclable equipment.

Progress in the B2B sharing economy also calls for action from the EU, which needs to develop and implement clear guidelines and boundaries in defining the concept, along with effective political initiatives that prioritise access to physical resources over ownership.

Continuously modernising our fleet  

We work proactively to comply with the latest environmental regulations and drive development to go even beyond that. With a modern fleet of equipment and modules, we aim to be a frontrunner of sustainability in the rental industry. By doing so, we can also help our customers achieve their sustainability targets.

Our systematic approach to reduce environmental impact includes refurbishing or renewing our site huts and modular space solutions including their heating equipment as well as modernising our fleet of rental equipment.                                  

In 2018, the energy usage in rented modules and site huts decreased from 168 kWh/m2 to 166 kWh/m2. The share of diesel-powered heating equipment decreased by 9%, and the share of stage I–III diesel engines decreased by 36%.

New site hut cover reduces waste

In 2018, Cramo introduced a new reusable site hut cover to replace plastics. The innovation will help improve efficiency and reduce waste.

The new site hut cover, which conceals all of a hut’s openings, is a tailor-made tarp with several benefits: it can be reused and is easy to put on and remove, making it easier and faster to install, transport and clean the site hut. The new cover can also be repaired, thus prolonging its economic life.

The new cover will be introduced first in Norway in 2019. Installation will be rolled out step by step as soon as site huts are returned to Cramo at the end of a customer project. Once all the covers have been replaced, total annual waste in Norway is expected to be reduced by 12 tonnes.

Cramo plans to introduce the new cover type later on in other Cramo countries as well.

Target of zero accidents

Safety is our first priority and integral to our business. Cramo provides a wide range of safety equipment and safety training as well as more comprehensive safety solutions. Our vision is zero accidents at construction sites.

External safety training is provided in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Lithuania and Poland. In 2018, a total of 12,698 (9,895 in 2017) individuals participated in Cramo’s safety training programmes. The increase is mainly related to an increased number of participants in safety training programmes provided by Cramo during safety week in Poland.


In 2019, we will focus on how we can help our customers make sustainable choices. We will continue to develop our rental services in partnership with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Implementation of our common management system, including ISO Management Standard 9001, continues.

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