Employee Care

Strategic target: Zero accidents

Cramo offers safe, stimulating workplaces for all our employees, where men and women of different ages and backgrounds have the same opportunities for development. We aspire to provide a stimulating environment for professional and personal development. A systematic and preventative approach to safety should always be the highest priority.
– from the Cramo Care Policy

Employee Care
Topics Key performance indicator Target Outcome 2018 Outcome 2017 Outcome 2016 Status1
Health and safety LTIR (Number of work-related accidents with at least one full day absence/million working hours) <5 by 2020 9.5 9.9 13.7  
  Share of operations covered by OHSAS 18001 or similar (relative to sales) All operations covered by OHSAS 18001 or similar by 2020 61% 63% 60%  
Diversity and equality Number of legal proceedings (discrimination and sexual harassment) 0 legal proceedings 12 0 0  
  Share of female employees within the operational organisation (administrative HQ functions excluded) >15% by 2020 11% 10% 11%  
  Share of female managers >15% by 2020 16% 14% 12%  

1  CRAMO Joo nappula Taulukko On-going – excellent progress or Target achieved     CRAMO Vaiheessa nappula Taulukko On-going – on track     CRAMO Ei nappula Taulukko On-going – not on track
2 In 2018, there was one case of sexual harassment reported in Cramo’s operations. The case was investigated by the company, which took actions, and was also heard in a court of law. The company was not a party in the legal proceeding.


We have successfully implemented the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System or the like for Equipment Rental in Finland and Sweden and for Modular Space in Finland and Germany. Our aim is certification in all Cramo markets.

Our common people processes

# Attract
# Recruit
# Onboarding
# Exit

People and performance is at the centre of our Shape and Share strategy, and enabling people to perform is one of our strategic focus areas.

Petra Schedin Stergel
Senior Vice President, Human Resources Development

Implementation in 2018

Monitoring employee satisfaction

Since employee satisfaction is crucial to good performance, it is regularly monitored. The latest Cramo Group’s Trust Index Survey was conducted in 2017 by the UK-based company Great Place to Work. Cramo achieved an average score of 68%. Some 76% of our employees agreed with the statement “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work!”, indicating a positive overall workplace experience, above the survey average.

However, the survey indicated significant variation in the Group, and as a result, countries were asked to choose three local focus areas which they worked on in 2018.

Our People Strategy, launched in 2017, and other projects to establish common People Processes are also expected to have a positive overall effect on future survey results and to reduce the differences between countries. The next Cramo Group’s Trust Index Survey will be conducted in 2019.

New People Promise

In early 2018, Cramo launched its new people promise, called “We are Shapers” – with the ambition to increase employee engagement and strengthen Cramo’s employer brand. This people promise emphasises our decision to focus on our employees and demonstrates our belief that they are one of the main sources of our future success and continuous growth.

The main message was distributed in a letter to every employee and in a We are Shapers video, making the subject more concrete. The external launch included a campaign with videos in social media to generate interest and to encourage potential employees to get more information about Cramo.

Cramo’s ambition is to be the shaper of the industry, and the people promise clarifies what people can expect from their journey as an employee at Cramo. Collaborating, sharing knowledge, supporting and helping each other as well as being open-minded and innovative are valued traits that are encouraged at Cramo. In addition, all employees are actively offered various opportunities for development and for shaping their own career.

On the Cramo Group website, a career site demonstrating the new people promise was launched in 2018, with the aim of attracting and inspiring potential employees. The new site is also an important step in strengthening Cramo’s position as a global employer.

Recruiting process aligned

The alignment of the recruiting process in all Cramo countries was one of the important internal development efforts in human resources in 2018. A common recruitment platform was chosen and is being implemented, supporting our shared way of working. Aligned professional processes make recruiting more effective but also ensure that the recruiting experience is of the same high quality regardless of which Cramo country it is carried out in.

Framework for professional development  

In 2018, an important focus area was to define Cramo Performance, that is, our way of developing and ensuring key competences among our employees. Towards the end of the year, we created the Cramo Development framework. This framework defines what kind of behaviour and what kind of professional know-how are expected of employees at different levels. The expectations are based on Cramo’s common values and the Shape and Share strategy. The framework will support and guide our employees in their personal and professional growth in a clear, inspiring manner throughout their time at Cramo.

A common HR system

In 2018, we started the process of implementing a common HR system, an important step towards fully aligned people processes. The system gives us the tools we need to monitor and follow up on people performance. It helps us succeed in shaping our performance-based culture, which allows us to excel in customer satisfaction.

Cramo diversity

A corporate culture based on diversity contributes to the positive future development of Cramo. We want to offer men and women of different ages and backgrounds similar development opportunities. In 2017, we established a new diversity policy with Group-wide application. Implementation started in 2018, with the aim of integrating a diversity perspective into all our strategies and processes.

In 2018, there was one case of sexual harassment reported in Cramo’s operations. The case was investigated by the company, which took actions, and was also heard in a court of law. The company was not a party in the legal proceeding.

The target for share of female managers was reached by the end of the year, with a result of 16% (14% in 2017). The share of female employees in the operational organisation was 11% by the end of the year (10% in 2017).

Cramo safety

At all times, priority is given to systematic and precautionary safety work, including risk assessment and identification of potential hazards, throughout the Cramo Group.

In 2018, Lost time injury rate (LTIR) decreased to 9.5 (9.9 in 2017). However, there are still significant variations in the Group regarding the level of LTIR. We will look further into those variations in 2019.

Special focus on safety at Adapteo Sweden

In 2018, in line with the company’s zero vision in handling modules, a safety video was produced and posted on YouTube. The video, which targets Cramo’s own personnel as well as subcontractors, considers safety in various kinds of situations, such as removing a transport cover and using proper safety equipment. Since Adapteo Sweden operates throughout the country, reaching all the people involved in assembly and disassembly is a challenge. Unlike with a traditional manual, a video reaches people efficiently online. The video was distributed to all employees and subcontractors and was very well received. See the video.

There was also a focus on safe working at heights and harness safety at Adapteo Sweden. All service technicians were trained in how to rescue someone caught hanging in a harness. Other safety measures included distributing a special information board on safety procedures to all work sites and updating the mandatory “Quality and safety handling – assembly/disassembly” document with safety plans and inspection procedures. Adapteo Sweden also produced a separate Quality and safety document specifically adapted to the service technicians' tasks.

In 2018, a total of four meetings were held with technicians, project managers and subcontractors to review safety issues. In order to follow up and to ensure that all procedures are in place, random visits were also made.


In 2019, our strong focus on safety will continue. We will continue the implementation of a common HR system, strengthening the implementation of our people processes. Implementation of our common management system, including ISO Management Standard 45001, continues.

Number of employees at end of period: 3,039¹

Diversity - Gender 2018¹ (2017)

Diversity - Age 2018¹ (2017)

Employee contracts 2018¹ (2017)

Personnel by segment² 2018¹ (2017)

1 Including KBS Infra and NMG employees
2 Cramo's four business segments: Equipment Rental Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway), Equipment Rental Finland and Eastern Europe (Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland), Equipment Rental Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia) and Modular Space (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany).


Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements 2018


Employee turnover rate in 2018


Rate of new employee hires in 2018

Employee turnover
Total 486
Men 403
Women 83
-23 36
24-35 160
36-45 124
46-59 117
60- 49
New employees
Total 550
Men 449
Women 101
-23 60
24-35 266
36-45 124
46-59 90
60- 10

Employees in the operational organisation 2018 (2017)

Managers 2018 (2017)

Group management by gender and age

Board of Directors 2018 (2017) 

Group Management 2018 (2017)

Board of Directors - Age 2018 (2017)

Group Management - Age 2018 (2017)

Health and safety
  ER Scandinavia ER Finland and Eastern Europe ER Central Europe Modular Space Group Functions
Absentee rate1 4.8% 3.7% 5.1% 3.3% 3.3%
- men 4.8% 3.7% 4.8% 3.4% 1.4%
- women 4.6% 3.5% 6.4% 2.8% 6.2%
Lost time injury rate2 4.0 11.2 19.6 7.7 0
- men 4.6 10.8 23.0 10.4 0
- women 0 14.2 0 0 0
Lost day rate3 0.05% 0.34% 0.57% 0.01% 0%
- men 0.06% 0.38% 0.67% 0.01% 0%
- women 0% 0.08% 0% 0% 0%

1 Total number of absentee days/Total number of scheduled workdays
2 Number of work-related accidents with at least one full day absence/Million working hours
3 Absentee days due to occupational accidents or diseases/Total number of scheduled workdays