Engaging with our stakeholders to create shared value

Understanding the views and expectations of our different stakeholders is crucial to our continued success. Through active, open dialogue, we strive to identify not just stakeholder concerns but also global trends and market expectations with the greatest impact on our future operations and value creation. Stakeholder engagement is also strengthened through closer cooperation across the value chain.

How we communicate and cooperate with our stakeholders


Priorities Activities and channels
  • issues included in Cramo’s mission – Create great days at work and room for great days – and purpose – Driving the sharing economy
  • health and safety
  • business ethics
  • resource efficiency
  • operational excellence
  • responsible suppliers
  • innovations ensuring future success
  • strong brand
  • depots and online solution
  • the Cramo Story
  • ombudsman
  • safety and other training programmes
  • co-development projects related to innovations and resource efficiency
  • digital solutions enhancing operational excellence
  • customer satisfaction survey
  • customer magazines, websites and social media
  • trade fairs
  • Annual Report including sustainability


Priorities Activities and channels
  • employee satisfaction
  • health and safety
  • diversity and equality
  • skills development
  • development plans and goals
  • business ethics and sustainability issues
  • performance management
  • People strategy
  • People promise
  • Code of Conduct
  • the Cramo Story
  • safety training
  • programmes for health and well-being
  • Cramo School and Cramo Academy
  • Cramo Dialogue
  • the new employee brand expression
  • intranet and employee magazine
  • employee events
  • Great Place to Work
  • Annual Report including sustainability


Investors and shareholders
Priorities Activities and channels
  • market environment
  • performance
  • operations
  • corporate responsibility
  • reporting
  • strategy
  • financial position
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • stock exchange releases
  • business reviews, half year financial report and financial statements bulletin
  • Annual Report including sustainability
  • Board of Directors’ report
  • Group website and social media
  • Corporate Governance Statement
  • Annual General Meeting
  • investor and analyst meetings and events


Partners and suppliers
Priorities Activities and channels
  • responsibility throughout the supply chain
  • energy efficiency and other environmental aspects
  • safety
  • efficient processes
  • promoting sustainability and sharing
  • supplier evaluation criteria
  • Supplier Code of Conduct completed and being implemented
  • co-development projects to find safe, resource-efficient solutions
  • digitalised solutions, such as purchase-to-pay solution
  • purchase system (supplier catalogue)


Local communities
Priorities Activities and channels
  • engaging with and supporting local communities
  • Group- and country-level charities and sponsorships
  • partnership with SOS Children’s Villages
  • job opportunities and traineeships for people outside the labour force


Trade and other associations
Priorities Activities and channels
  • developing sustainability and the attractiveness of the rental industry as a future employer in Europe
  • promoting the sharing economy
  • active member of the European Rental Association (ERA)
  • member of the UN Global Compact
  • Cramo’s President and CEO is a Board member of ERA


Priorities Activities and channels
  • major deals and acquisitions
  • sustainability and responsibility
  • strategy and business
  • press releases
  • management interviews
  • websites and social media


Sustainability contact:

Maria Karlsson, Vice President, Sustainability
tel: +46 70 249 87 44