Your productivity partner in rental and beyond

Through reliable products, services and innovative digital solutions, Cramo is a business partner increasing the productivity and work safety of our customers.

"In 2019, we focused on developing and strengthening Cramo as a pure equipment rental company. Our strategy, Cramo NXT, is an integral part in fulfilling our vision of being the productivity partner in rental and beyond. Now, the combination of Cramo and Boels Rental will make us a highly competitive company and a true rental leader in Europe."

Leif Gustafsson, President and CEO

Sales 2019 (MEUR)
Comparable EBITA 2019 (MEUR)
customers in 11 countries
Average number of employees (FTE) 2019

Cramo NXT strategy

Our new Cramo NXT strategy focuses on growth, further enhancing operational efficiency, strengthening our market position in the industrial segment, increasing our service offering and developing innovative digital solutions to improve customer efficiency.