Cramo in brief

Broad offering

By combining our product portfolio with digital solutions and an extensive offering of services, we can provide a wide range of rental solutions from planning to completion that meet different customer needs and demands. We also share competences, best practices and insights with our customers to ensure the safe, sustainable and efficient use of our equipment.

Sales by offering,
613 MEUR

1 Services consists of assembly, maintenance, repair and logistics
2 Other mainly consists of sales of products and new machines

Rental equipment and mobile applications

Our comprehensive fleet consists of 217,000 rental units – modern and safe tools, access equipment, construction equipment and building site facilities with high environmental performance.

Approximately 11,000 of the units are digitally connected. A connected fleet means an opportunity to monitor and gather data that can serve as an input for data-driven decision making and more efficient construction processes for our customers and for our development of value-adding services.

Tools and complete package solutions in building equipment.

Construction equipment for all types of assignments, from major infrastructure projects to small-scale jobs.

Access equipment with comprehensive safety solutions for working at heights.

Building site facilities for various purposes and capacity needs.

rental units
digitally connected units
electrically powered units within the energy powered fleet

For customer convenience, Cramo has developed two mobile applications, MyEquip for on-site rental management and Product Viewer for easy access to product data and documents. The MyEquip app lets customers order or return equipment on the go – whenever and wherever they want. The Product Viewer app gives customers easy, job-site access to tutorials, instructions and safety manuals for all of our rental equipment by scanning the product number on the equipment.


Our services are focused on addressing the main concerns of customers and are developed to enhance productivity, work safety and sustainability – and to help run the most demanding projects efficiently.

  • Construction logistics services cover five areas and include a total of twenty different services within pre-planning, on-site logistics and logistics management, transport coordination and material management

  • Management and planning services, such as recommendations on alternative methods and equipment or capacity needs, user and safety instructions, advice on applicable HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) regulations and standards

  • Smart concepts for optimising on-site work processes, such as clean house, dry construction, smart energy and security