Cramo in brief

Comprehensive rental solutions

We serve construction companies of all sizes, the industrial and public sectors as well as households. The needs and demands of the different customer segments vary not only depending on their size and sector, but also based on the type of business they are in – whether they work with new builds, renovations or maintenance, or as operators. We have the capability to bundle our products – tools, access and construction equipment, and work site facilities – and rental-related services so that they always meet the different customer demands in the best way.

Customer mix, 613 MEUR

1 Other consists of public sector, households and other

We are one of the few players in our industry with the capacity to serve the largest construction and industrial projects that have thousands of building professionals on site. With our comprehensive rental solutions, including advanced, value-adding services, we can serve our customers in every phase of a project – from planning and construction to project completion. This ensures that even the largest construction sites can be run as efficiently as possible, enabling our customers to focus on their core business and competences.