Productivity partner

Cramo as a productivity partner

We aim to achieve our vision of being “Your productivity partner in rental and beyond” by providing our customers with value-adding services that also differentiate us from the competition. Our productivity partner approach is based on the motto that our customers’ success is our success.

We serve the entire construction industry – from the planning phase to the finished construction site – and focus on helping our customers increase their productivity and work safety. Our digital applications enable 24/7 communication, allowing our customers to manage their fleet when convenient. Through our digital tools we also learn how customers behave by collecting data, and can transform it into service offerings that enhance our capability to be a productivity partner in our industry.

Our part in the ecosystem of building and maintenance

Our services are focused on addressing customer concerns. We have identified three key concerns – productivity, sustainability and safety – and we address them through value-added services that match customer demand, size and location. Different hub structures in different regions, paired with depots, make the logistics of physical equipment swifter and more cost-effective for everyone.

With optimised repair and maintenance, we make sure our tools and equipment are ready to perform their part of the job at our customers’ sites while keeping up their resale value. Our comprehensive value chain of services, equipment and easy accessibility is built to inspire traditional customers to take new methods into use while answering even the most progressive customers’ demands.