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Digital services – how we create new value and solutions for industry

Target: 100% of construction and access equipment fleet connected

We intend to be the frontrunner for digitally enabled business models in our industry. Insights collected throughout our operating countries guide our investment in digital solutions. These solutions help us to ensure that we are serving our customers with clear value-adds in productivity, sustainability and safety.

To achieve this, we digitally streamline our internal operations, increase our fleet utilisation and, foremost, create added value for our customers through our digitally connected fleet and the data we receive from it. We already have in place a digital eCommerce platform and the Product Viewer and MyEquip apps, and other digital solutions are being developed.

Digital innovation

Our digital eCommerce platform is more than a rental tool – it gives our customers easy management of their rental fleet and rental costs. Every day, our sales forces work flexibly with our customers using our eCommerce offering, giving them access to the offering and up-to-date data and information whenever needed throughout the day.

We are constantly adding more services to our eCommerce platform. In 2019, a pilot on temperature services was carried out. This service is accessible on a mobile screen and can be used to measure how concrete is maturing.

Skanska’s Site Manager apprentice Janita Ojala has piloted the wireless eGate to measure humidity at her work site in Finland in real time.

With eGate, I can monitor all measurement points at once, instead of one at a time. The weekly follow-up of average humidity values is also useful data. The cooperation with Cramo is proceeding well!

Janita Ojala
Site Manager apprentice, Skanska, Finland

Our digital interfaces are a result of intensive customer journey studies. At the same time, smooth functions and increased transparency over the rented fleet and its costs help to increase customer productivity.

It can be expensive for our customers to have machines they are not using just sitting at their construction sites. In the long run, it is of value to us to ensure our customers’ productivity. Therefore, we are piloting rental alerts to remind our customers to return unused items.


Customer journey model

Mobile access to documents and data

Our Product Viewer app gives customers access to machine- and tool-specific documents, such as machine registration, maintenance information and safety instructions. Site managers can use Product Viewer to find very detailed information, such as what kind of oil has been used in a specific machine, which can be useful information in case of an oil leakage. The app guarantees instant access to detailed product information – a feature that is new today, but will surely be an expectation in the future.

Our MyEquip app shows the customer what they have on rent. For example, in Stockholm there are construction sites with hundreds of units of equipment on site at any given time. The customer is usually not well equipped to keep track of these as that is outside the scope of their core business, which makes it a time-consuming and additional task. MyEquip gives the customer full transparency of what they have on rent at each construction site.