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Stronghold in the industrial segment – more tailored packages

Target: 30% of revenues from industrial segments

A significant share of our revenue already comes from the industrial segment where the correlation to the new construction cycle is low. In 2019, 16%, or EUR 99 million, of our revenue was from the industrial segment. Our target is to have 30% of revenue from the industrial segment to better shelter Cramo’s business from economic cycle swings.

Cramo is one of the few actors on the market that can serve the needs of big industrial construction sites – from construction and industrial stops to supporting daily maintenance and operations. We invest in building upon our skills in serving industrial customers and on further expanding our offering to them through an increase in tailored packages and machines matched to their specific needs. Today’s tailored packages include, e.g., on-site services, dry chain and maintenance stop site hut packages.

Cramo has signed industrial contracts that span from 12 to 70 months and are worth some EUR 60 million. These projects comprise activities in all our regions and each of them encompass 3 to 20 Cramo people and 1,000–3,500 rental items.

Martin Holmgren
Senior Vice President, Fleet Management, Cramo

As an example, Cramo has been a preferred rental partner to a giant industrial project where Billerud Korsnäs built a state-of-the-art paper plant production line in Gruvön, Sweden. Our deliveries to this project contained all types of rental equipment, one of the largest site hut parks in Nordic history, electricity, hoists, access, tools and several connected services. In addition, Cramo served the industrial construction site with an on-site rental depot and it staffed different service functions during the main part of the construction.


Follow the gigantic construction project, step by step, from January 2017 to May 2019. This enclosed video from the BillerudKorsnäs construction site shows you the all-round use of Cramos' equipment and related services during a large, complex industrial project.

The video is a courtesy of BillerudKorsnäs