Creating value through our competitive and efficient business model 

We create added value for our stakeholders and society by making the sharing of sustainable rental solutions simple and by driving our internal value-chain most efficiently. We provide customers with value-adding services and digital solutions that meet their needs and enhance their productivity. Supporting our people to perform at their best ensures our future success and value creation.



  • Equity MEUR 403
  • Net debt MEUR 376
  • 14,500 suppliers
  • 8,873 shareholders


  • 217,000 equipment rental items
  • 11,000 digitally connected items
  • 85% electrically powered units within the energy powered fleet
  • Available through a network of 300 depots in 11¹ countries
  • Available in Cramo’s 24/7 digital eCommerce platform

Intellectual capital

  • Strong, trusted brand
  • Corporate culture encouraging innovation
  • Comprehensive competence and know-how

Human capital

  • 2,500 rental professionals (FTE)
  • Trainees, interns and summer employees
  • Certified quality, environment and occupational health and safety management

Social and relationships

  • Customer insights
  • Stakeholder dialogue
  • Collaboration with partners
  • Community relations


  • Energy
  • Water
  • Oils and chemicals
  • Consumables

1 Cramo operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In Russia Cramo operates through the 50 percent owned joint venture Fortrent


    2019 MEUR 2018 MEUR
Customers Sales (services, solutions) 613 632
Employees Employee benefits 153 148
Suppliers Purchases 203 204
Owners Dividends paid 40 38
Financial community Financial expenses, net 13 10
Society Taxes, social security charges, pension expenses 50 53


Customer Care

  • Sharing reduces the amount of new machinery and equipment needed, thus reducing the consumption of natural resources
  • Cost-effectiveness by sharing costs
  • Enabling optimisation of capital investments
  • Services, solutions and innovations that increase productivity
  • Flexible access to modern equipment with high safety and environmental standards
  • Shared know-how, for example, within joint development projects
  • Optimised transport utilisation
  • Sustainable sourcing

Employee Care

  • Good work environment
  • Fair employment conditions
  • Personal development
  • Career opportunities
  • Diversity and non-discrimination

Environmental Care

  • Reduced CO2e emissions
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Responsible waste handling and reduced waste volumes

Social Care

  • Business relations based on strong ethics and trust
  • Added value through taxes to society in 11 countries
  • Responsible corporate citizen

1 Competitive advantages

2,500 rental professionals (FTE) serve over 150,000 customers in 11 countries

217,000 rental units available in 300 depots

Effective solutions and innovations based on customer needs

11,000 digitally connected units with data driven insights

Multi-channel business model to ensure customer experience

Sustainable solutions enabling and driving the sharing economy