Shape and Share strategy’s financial targets achieved

The financial targets of our former Shape and Share strategy for the Cramo Group and the Equipment Rental business were successfully achieved in early 2019 before the partial demerger. Following the partial demerger of Cramo, we started preparations to streamline the fully focused equipment rental company and to create a new strategy.

To improve competitiveness and profitability going forward as a fully focused equipment rental company, a Group-wide performance enhancement programme was initiated after the partial demerger. The programme aims to secure a more streamlined cost base and was largely executed by the end of the year.

Our new strategy for the 2019–2023 period was introduced in September 2019, and we started to execute it immediately. We have a strong track record of delivering on our strategy, proving the strength and capability of our organisation to focus on areas of strategic importance, and thus we strongly believe in our success with the new strategy as well.