Customer Care

Strategic target: Most satisfied customers in the industry

Priority will be given at all times to our customers’ key concerns – safety at construction sites, resource efficiency and strong business ethics. Cramo contributes to our customers’ success by enabling them to provide safe working environments, reduce their energy usage, limit their climate impact and minimise waste. An active dialogue and collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders are key to the further development of sustainable rental solutions.

– from the Cramo Care Policy

Customer Care
Topics Key performance indicator Target Outcome 2019 Outcome 2018 Outcome 2017 Outcome 2016 Status1
Customer satisfaction Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) CSI2 steady over 75 75 75 73 72  
  Share of operations covered by ISO 9001 (relative to sales) All operations covered by ISO 9001 by 2023 77%3 80% 81% 82%  
Customer use Share of units powered by electricity within the energy powered fleet4 90% by 2023 85% n/a n/a n/a  
  Energy usage from site huts 220 kWh/m2 by 20235 229 kWh/m2 231 kWh/m2 233 kWh/m2 235 kWh/m2  
  Number of individuals participating in external safety training provided by Cramo to customers, subcontractors, suppliers and other external parties 10% increase per year from 2018 11,433 individuals, a 10% decrease 12,698 individuals, a 28% increase 9,895 individuals, a 7% decrease 10,622 individuals  
  Share of countries providing external safety training (excluding countries with less than 3 depots) All countries with more than 3 depots providing external safety training by 2023 78% 78% 78% 67%  
  Share of diesel-powered heating equipment of total heating fleet 9.6% by 2020 (equals a 40% reduction vs 2016) 11.2% 11.3% 12.4% 16.0%  
  Share of Stage I-III diesel engines of total rental equipment with diesel engines 16.8% by 2020 (equals a 70% reduction vs 2016) 18.3% 25.2% 39.5% 56.0%  
Sustainable sourcing Share of purchase spend covered by Supplier Code of Conduct4,6 >60% by 2023 30% n/a n/a n/a  
  Share of critical suppliers managed by Group Sourcing that has been subject to anti-corruption, human rights, health and safety and environmental risk assessment4 25% by 2023 0%7 n/a n/a n/a  


1  CRAMO Joo nappula Taulukko On-going – excellent progress or target achieved     CRAMO Vaiheessa nappula Taulukko On-going – on track     CRAMO Ei nappula Taulukko On-going – not on track
2 Weighted average. Hungary and Slovakia are for statistical reasons excluded from the survey
3 The decrease in share of operations covered by ISO 9001 (relative to sales) is due to the demerger of Adapteo in 2019 and the acquisition of KBS Infra in 2018. KBS is included for the first time in the reporting for 2019
4 New KPI since 2019
5 Updated target after the demerger of Adapteo
6 The Supplier Code of Conduct covers environmental, health and safety, human rights and anti-corruption and bribery matters
7 A model for anti-corruption, human rights, health and safety and environmental risk assessment will be developed in 2020, implementation will start in 2021

ISO Management Standard 9001 has been implemented in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Poland. Certification is ongoing, with all Cramo markets targeted.

Monitoring customer satisfaction

Our vision of being “Your productivity partner in rental and beyond” is based on the motto that our customers’ success is our success. We have gained our customers’ trust throughout the years by working closely together with them and by living and acting according to our values Credibility, Creativity and Commitment. Our strategic target is to have the most satisfied customers in the industry.

In 2019, the target for customer satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction Index >75, was reached, with a result of 75 (75 in 2018) and a Net Promoter Score of 55. Important aspects of customer relations, such as product and service quality, were all rated high with delivery quality on top with an index of 85. The result is based on over 900 customer interviews, conducted within nine of our eleven markets. The smallest markets, Hungary and Slovakia, are for statistical reasons excluded from the survey.

Target of zero accidents

Safety is our first priority and integral to our business. We have established solid processes and guidance to ensure the safe handling of our equipment. Cramo also provides a wide range of safety equipment and more comprehensive safety solutions as well as external safety training to customers, subcontractors, suppliers and other external parties. Our vision is zero accidents at job sites.

Cramo follows and continuously monitors national laws as well as industry-specific safety regulations. Safety data sheets are available for all our equipment in our product database. Equipment that is returned to Cramo from customers is inspected following established check lists and routines. We also conduct periodic maintenance based on information that we receive from the manufacturers as well as from our 11,000 digitally connected units. The periodic maintenance is carefully planned in accordance with our planning framework.

Internal training is conducted on a regular basis to ensure that all our employees have the right knowledge to be able to handle our equipment safely. External safety training for customers, subcontractors, suppliers and other external parties is provided in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Lithuania and Poland. In 2019, a total of 11,433 (12,698 in 2018) individuals participated in Cramo’s safety training programmes, including fall protection training as well as training on how to use the equipment in a safe and efficient way.

Continuously modernising our fleet

We work proactively to comply with the latest environmental regulations and drive development even further. With a modern fleet of equipment, we aim to be a sustainability frontrunner in the rental industry. By doing so, we can also help our customers achieve their sustainability targets.

We see an increasing demand from customers regarding electrification and renewable fuels. 85% of the units within our energy-powered fleet are today powered by electricity, and we are continuously working to increase that number. Our target is to have 90% of our energy-powered fleet powered by electricity by 2023.

In 2019, Cramo in Finland signed the Work Machine Green Deal agreement of the Association of Finnish Technical Traders. It includes targets regarding, for example, increasing the share of electric-powered machines in the rental fleet. The commitment will be handed over to the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

Our systematic approach to reducing environmental impacts also includes refurbishing or renewing our site huts, including their heating equipment. We are continuously working to improve the environmental and health standard by choosing more sustainable materials and by making the site huts more energy efficient. The improvements are partly based on an environmental and health assessment conducted by an external party in 2017, analysing every single site hut component, including the flooring, windows and insulation used.  In 2019, the average energy usage in our site huts decreased from 231 kWh/m2 to 229 kWh/m2.  

Innovation through partnerships and joint development projects

Cramo’s ambition is to play an active role in developing sustainable solutions – not just to meet existing requirements and regulations, but to contribute to further development towards a more sustainable world. An active dialogue and structured cooperation with customers and other stakeholders are key components of this strategy.

Projects with customers cover several sustainability areas, ranging from energy and fuels to mutual information-sharing targets and to finding new rental solutions, such as temporary constructions, and to learning more about accidents and incidents and how to prevent them. Together with other stakeholders, we address different areas, such as promoting the sharing economy and social integration, i.e. how we as a company and as individuals can help provide experience and contacts with the working world.

Aiming for fossil-free construction sites

Strategic partnerships with customers put us at the forefront in developing sustainable rental solutions and services. During 2019, we worked in a joint project with one of our key customers to investigate the requirements for a CO2-free construction site. Our part in this project was to identify how we could eliminate the carbon footprint of our equipment. The project is continuing in 2020 and includes an evaluation phase conducted by an external evaluator.

At the end of 2019, a research and development project run by eight partners within the Norwegian construction industry received a NOK 14 million grant from Enova, Forskningsrådet and Innovasjon Norge. The aim of the project is to investigate opportunities for emission-free construction sites. Cramo is one of the partners and, as part of the project, will test battery-powered machines.  

Fossil-free heating solution in the centre of Oslo

Cramo offers a wide range of heating equipment. In 2017, we set a target to decrease the total heating fleet’s share of diesel-powered heating equipment by 40%. We are very close to achieving that target.

In 2019, Cramo delivered fossil-free heating to the AF Group construction project Bispevika in the centre of Oslo. The B6a project comprises a total of nine different buildings, all connected by one large basement level.The whole construction site is heated with district heating provided through a solution delivered by Cramo. Close cooperation with our customer has made it possible to find the most optimal route for the district heating.  

Scaffolding for the Estonian e-waste Lighthouse

Reducing and handling waste properly is a strong focus for Cramo. In 2019, we provided scaffolding for the Estonian e-waste Lighthouse, an installation created by sculptor Elo Liiv in the central square of Telliskivi Creative City. The Lighthouse, symbolising the 125 cubic meters of electrical and electronic waste generated in Estonia in one day, should be seen as a reminder of the importance of recycling to reduce the carbon footprint.

Knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge and learning from each other’s experience is key to our success. In 2019, we were able to share effective sustainability knowledge both internally among our employees and externally with customers, suppliers and investors.

Cramo’s Vice President of Sustainability, for example, gave a presentation on “Employee Commitment as a Driver for Sustainability” at the Volvo Construction Equipment EMEA’s business update meeting in October. The presentation was broadcasted live to the organisation in Europe, Middle East and Africa. It was a great way of sharing effective sustainability learnings and maybe one step closer to a carbon-neutral construction business.


In 2020, we will start implementing the new sustainability strategy with an increased focus on sustainable customer use, transports and logistics as well as sustainable sourcing. We will continue to develop our rental offering and services in partnership with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.